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The Lost Purpose for Learning


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Any teacher, principal, parent or pastor may use this slide presentation for training purposes. 

This is the same slide presentation Dr. Overman uses to introduce audiences to "the lost purpose for learning."

This slide presentation is located on Google Drive, and it is available to anyone having access to the Internet.

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This is one of our most popular videos, about the life and work of Dr. George Washington Carver. If this video does not play, click

Here is an interview with Gary Starkweather, inventor of the laser printer. If this video does not play, click

This is a sample from the Participant Guide that is used with the e-text, God's Pleasure At Work & The Difference One Life Can Make. This sample covers Chapters 1-5 in the text, which is used for the high school course as well as the "Working Wonders" course for parents and teachers. If this video does not play, click

This is an interview with Dot Regu, Pastor of The Kingdom Citizens Pavilion, and Segun Gbolagun, then Director of The Kingdom Citizens Christian School, one of the WRAP schools in Jos, Nigeria. If this video does not play, click

Do you what to know what it looks like to apply a biblical theology of work in the "real world" of high finance? Watch this remarkable personal testimony of Jack vanHartesvelt, about his experience  buying and selling hotels for a large investment firm. If all followers of Christ were to approach their daily work like Jack does, it would revolutionize the world, many times over! If this video does not play, click

This video is about Dr. Overman's experience training public school leaders of a school district of 16,000 students and teachers in Ukraine. The superintendent said, "Restoring Christianity is more important to me than academics." Dr. Overman was given more freedom to speak to public school leaders in Ukraine about biblically-based education than he has ever been given in US public schools. If this video does not play, click

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