Working Wonders

Who is this course for?

Primarily, it's for parents and teachers of elementary and secondary-age children/students who want to  help their sons, daughters and students to be successful in their work. In the end, it's for the kids! This course will deepen relationships significantly. 


Knowing how to work is a lost art these days, but knowing why  we work is an even greater mystery! Any young person who unlocks this  mystery before graduating from high school will be far ahead of the  curve, no matter what work they do in the future. 

What kind of work?

Their current work at home and school, as well as any other work in the  community. From taking out the garbage, to doing homework, to mowing the  neighbor's lawn on the weekend. It certainly applies to their future work as well! Every kind of legitimate work on the planet.

What's the game plan?

  • This course may be done as a church small group, or it may be a Christian school principal taking a group of teachers or parents through the course, a home-school co-op leader with a group of home-schooling parents, or parents taking their own children through the course independently at home. 
  • The format uses the "flipped classroom" approach, whereby participants study the course content on their own, through reading an e-text (and viewing short video clips), then discussing that content in the group meetings. 

What effort is required of me?

  • Plan on attending all group meetings, fully engaged--because others are counting on you.
  • Read about 35-40 pages in the e-text between meetings (you'll have at least 2 weeks to do this). To view some sample chapters of the e-text, click here.
  • Practice using specific teaching tools with your children/students at home or school between meetings.
  • Share with your group how things went when using the various teaching tools with your own children/students at home or school.

How do I sign up?

  • Each Working Wonders group is formed by individuals who take the initiative to get a group going, and either facilitate group meetings themselves, or find someone else to fill this role. You may recruit by sending friends this introduction.
  • A Facilitator's Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to successfully lead each group meeting. Click here.
  • The cost of the God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Pack (180-page e-text with video clips, plus 48-page full-color Participant Guide, and The Lost Purpose for Learning book) is $35. Click here to order.  

the High School Course

What grade level?

Recommended for 10th and 11th grade.

What's the main thrust of the course?

An introduction to work, economics and human flourishing from a biblical perspective.

Is there a textbook?

Yes, there is an e-book with over 50 video clips embedded throughout the text to make the learning experience more vivid and memorable. The text is called, God's Pleasure At Work & The Difference One Life Can Make. 

This 180-page e-text (pdf format) comes with a 48-page, hard-copy, full-color Participant Guide, for reinforcing the main ideas and to for providing easy access to the course concepts for many years to come.

For more details about the text, including sample chapters and an independent review, click here.

Comments from students:

  • "… I learned so much more than I could've imagined…I learned so much personally that I cannot wait to use in the future and share with others. I believe all Christians should read this book and soak in all the goodness just like our class did over the course of this year." 
  • "I really love how this book shows us that we should not look at life as sacred and secular, but rather everything that we do can either be for the glory of God or contrary to His will.”  
  • "…[this material] truly gave a unique and important insight into work and a Christian's role in the community. Not only should they work for God's glory in the church, but they should strive to succeed and give full effort to their Monday to Saturday job as well. Even those who believe they cannot offer anything for the kingdom have an influence and ability to impact the people around them. The world looks at Christians expecting to see hypocrisy; it is our job to make them see Jesus in the way we serve, love, and work." 
  • "…I have benefited so much from this class. The Theology of Work materials have been very insightful and instructive. Dr. Overman delivers his points clearly, with accuracy to Scripture. I would highly recommend the Theology of Work material and class to everyone at [name of school]. I have also been greatly blessed by our classroom discussions...A semester well spent." 

What's the cost and how do I order the text and guide?

The cost for the God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Pack, including the 180-page God's Pleasure At Work e-text with over 50 video clips, 48-page (hard-copy) Participant Guide and 53-page (hard-copy) of The Lost Purpose for Learning is $35. To order, click here



"WRAP" stands for: "Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project" 

It is a 2-year commitment on the part of Christian schools to have the entire teaching staff trained in the fundamentals of biblical worldview and theology of work, with classroom applications and curriculum mapping at every grade level.  

The WRAP gets down to "the DNA level" of Christian schools, where things like curriculum mapping are done, and "biblical worldview integration" happens in classrooms on a regular basis. 


If students fail to see how academics fit into the bigger picture of a biblical worldview, including  theology of work,  they will tend to see the Bible as relevant to personal matters, or  affairs of the church, but not relevant to business, law or civil  service. Because of this, many will leave their faith at the workplace  door as adults, and the world suffers for it.  

Christian  schools often see "biblical worldview integration" as a goal, but it is  actually a means to a greater end. The WRAP clarifies that greater end. For more, read Dr. Overman's essay, The Lost Purpose for Learning


For details about how the WRAP works, and the costs for various training options, click here.

School principals or superintendents wishing to speak directly with Christian Overman about the WRAP may go to the Contact page and request a phone or Skype appointment. 

To read what teachers and principals participating in the WRAP have said, click here.

the "Increase Meaning" course

A College-level Distance Learning Course

"Increase Meaning: A Wholistic Approach to Christian Education" is a college-level course done completely on-line. The 12 video lectures may be viewed at any time, so students progress at their own pace, but most people complete the course in 9 months.

This course was created specifically for teachers and administrators in Christian schools. Most participants in the WRAP program (described above) are trained through this distance learning course.

Participants explore how an understanding of the “bigger picture” of a biblical worldview brings greater meaning and purpose to student learning. They discover what "theology of work" is about, and how it invigorates Christian education.

Practical teaching tools are presented, including a mind mapping technique for incorporating the biblical worldview into lesson plans using a “Conversation Starter”; the “Truth and Baloney Detector” for developing critical thinking skills relative to worldview analysis; the “DADI Plan” tool for aligning biblical beliefs with daily work, and practical ways for making a robust theology of work an integral part of life.

Participants make presentations to  students (any grade level), or to peers, or family members, using the various tools presented in this course.   


  • Earn 5 university credits from Seattle Pacific University (this is optional).
  • Earn 10 CEUs approved by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
  • Fulfill the ACSI requirement for a course in Philosophy of Christian Education. 
  • Dramatically increase your skills as a Christian school teacher, and bring greater meaning and purpose to whatever your students are studying in school!

Syllabus and Registration

  • To view the course syllabus for 5 credits through Seattle Pacific University, click here.
  • To view the course syllabus without university credit, for a Certificate through Worldview Matters, approved for 10 CEUs through the Association of Christian Schools International and fulfilling the ACSI requirement for a Philosophy of Christian Education course, click here.
  • The current fee for the SPU credit option is $495 + $72 for books and materials, plus shipping costs. To register, see the SPU Syllabus (above) for instructions.
  • The current fee for the Worldview Matters® Certificate option without university credit is $270 (this includes books and materials), plus shipping costs. To register, use the Contact page of this website to let Worldview Matters® know of your interest. You will be contacted within 24 hours and provided with instructions on how to sign up for the course. 

Live Speaking Engagements

In Person or Real-Time Video Streaming

In-person speaking engagements are possible in the Pacific Northwest only, within a 3-4 hour driving radius of Seattle, Washington.

Live-streaming video speaking engagements are possible anywhere in the world with sufficient Internet capacity. Contact Worldview Matters® for more information about this option here

Topics, Themes and Formats

  • 1-hour, 1/2 day (3-hour), 1-day (6-hour) or 2-day (12-hour) in-service training workshops for Christian schools on the topic of biblical worldview contextualization, theology of work, and lesson planning, are available, approved by ACSI for 1 CEU per each 6-hours. Webinars tailored to the needs of your group are also available.  
  • Contact Worldview Matters via the Contact page of this website and let us know what you are considering. Christian Overman will be happy to personally discuss your needs with you to work out a customized plan for your school or organization. 

References and Fees

For references, click here. See also the "What People Are Saying" section on the Home page.

For a partial list of past speaking engagements, click here.

Fees range from $200 for a 1-hour session, to $1,200 for a full-day training workshop (plus materials and travel expenses, when applicable). Contact Worldview Matters® through the Contact page to discuss the nature of what you have in mind. 

Upcoming Speaking Events

Salem, Oregon, Oct. 12-13

Fall Professional Development Forum hosted by the Association of Christian Schools International, at Salem Academy, Salem, OR, October 12-13. For details, click here

Tacoma, Washington, Oct. 20-21

Bringing together a panel of local and nationally recognized speakers distinguised  for their expertise in the areas of theology, apologetics, philosophy and Christian worldview, at Fellowship Bible Church, Tacoma, WA, October 20-21. For details, click here.

Federal Way, Washington, Oct. 26-27

Fall Professional Development Forum hosted by the Association of Christian Schools International, at Christian Faith School, Federal Way, WA, October 26-27. For details, click here

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