30-minute On-line Coaching Sessions

Any Christian school teacher  may spend 30 minutes with a certified Worldview Matters ®  coach, working through a specific lesson plan (at any grade level) that will enable their students to view any subject in the context of a biblical worldview. 

Teachers are coached to use 1 of 6 lesson planning tools developed by Worldview Matters® . 

One 30-minute session is $35. 

For more information details, click here.

Live Teacher training via the internet


Anywhere in the World

Training through live Internet sessions allows Christian schools to avail themselves of training without paying for travel and accommodations. 

Training is possible anywhere in the world with sufficient Internet capacity.  

Interaction between the instructor and the group is as easy as in a face-to-face presentation.


Format and Cost

  • Dr. Overman presents live on-line training in blocks of 90 minute sessions.  For a description of content, click here.
  • Schools may have 1 session, 2 sessions, 3 sessions or 4 sessions, at whatever frequency the school deems best.
  • Schools electing to have 4 sessions (6 total hours) will qualify for 1 CEU per participant, as recognized by the Association of Christian Schools International. 
  • The fee is $200 per session, plus $20 per participant for materials (shipping is added).


References and How To Get Started

For references and endorsements of Dr. Overman's work click here.

To speak personally with Dr. Overman about this service, request a phone or video conference here.

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The "God's Pleasure At Work" E-Text

Who is this for?


It's for anyone who works, whether for pay or not for pay! It's for homemakers (making a home is hard work), high school students (school work is hard work), bankers, lawyers, carpenters, farmers... It's for people who want to bring meaning to whatever work they do.  



Knowing how to work is a lost art these days, but knowing why  we work is an even greater mystery! 87% of workers worldwide are either unhappy with their job, or they lack motivation to actively engage with it. This course brings meaning to any kind of work! 

What kind of work?


Yes, any kind of work (as long as it is ethical). God's Pleasure At Work is even for retired folk, because washing dishes and mowing the lawn is still work! This course applies to anyone who does work at home, at school, or in the community, for pay or not, from age 8 to 98. 

What's the game plan?


  • This course may be done as a church small group or Sunday School class, or by Christian schools, or by parents who want to help their sons and daughters to understand the meaning of work, or at work with a group of employees that desire to do business God's way.
  • The God's Pleasure At Work course may also be done as an individual, personal study. 
  • A complete step-by-step Facilitator's Guide is available for any leader taking a group through the course. 

What effort is required of me?


  • There is a 180-page e-text to read. Within this text are over 50 short video clips to view. There is also a hard copy, 48-page, full-color Participant Guide that accompanies the text.
  • To view sample chapters of the e-text, and to view some video clips, click here.
  • 9 practical application tools are presented throughout the course, that help to bring the concepts to life. These tools may be used personally, and may be taught to others. 

How do I get started?


  • If you are approaching this course as an individual, just purchase the God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Kit [see below], and go for it!
  • If you want to get a small group going, you may recruit by sending a link to this 90-second video clip and to this introductory webpage. A Group Facilitator's Guide provides step-by-step instructions for leading a group. Click here.
  • Click here for some of the content.
  • To order the God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Pack click here.  

the High School E-Text Curriculum


What grade level?

Recommended for 10th and 11th grade.

What's the main thrust of the course?

An introduction to work, economics and human flourishing from a biblical perspective.

Is there a textbook?

Yes, there is an e-book with over 50 video clips embedded throughout the text to make the learning experience more vivid and memorable. The text is called, God's Pleasure At Work & The Difference One Life Can Make. 

This 180-page e-text (pdf format) comes with a 48-page, hard-copy, full-color Participant Guide, for reinforcing the main ideas and to for providing easy access to the course concepts for many years to come.

For more details about the text, including sample chapters and an independent review, click here.

Comments from students:

  • "… I learned so much more than I could've imagined…I learned so much personally that I cannot wait to use in the future and share with others. I believe all Christians should read this book and soak in all the goodness just like our class did over the course of this year." 
  • "I really love how this book shows us that we should not look at life as sacred and secular, but rather everything that we do can either be for the glory of God or contrary to His will.”  
  • "…[this material] truly gave a unique and important insight into work and a Christian's role in the community. Not only should they work for God's glory in the church, but they should strive to succeed and give full effort to their Monday to Saturday job as well. Even those who believe they cannot offer anything for the kingdom have an influence and ability to impact the people around them. The world looks at Christians expecting to see hypocrisy; it is our job to make them see Jesus in the way we serve, love, and work." 
  • "…I have benefited so much from this class. The Theology of Work materials have been very insightful and instructive. Dr. Overman delivers his points clearly, with accuracy to Scripture. I would highly recommend the Theology of Work material and class to everyone at [name of school]. I have also been greatly blessed by our classroom discussions...A semester well spent." 

What's the cost and how do I order the text and guide?

The cost for the God's Pleasure At Work Curriculum Pack, including the 180-page God's Pleasure At Work e-text with over 50 video clips, 48-page (hard-copy) Participant Guide and 53-page (hard-copy) of The Lost Purpose for Learning is $35. To order, click here

The WRAP: "Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project"


What is the WRAP?

"WRAP" stands for: "Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project" 

It is a 2-year commitment on the part of Christian schools to have the entire teaching staff trained in the fundamentals of biblical worldview and theology of work, with classroom applications at every grade level.  


Why the WRAP?

If students fail to see how academics fit into the bigger picture of a biblical worldview, including  theology of work,  they will tend to see the Bible as relevant to personal matters, or  affairs of the church, but not relevant to business, law or civil  service. Because of this, many will leave their faith at the workplace  door as adults, and the world suffers for it.  

Christian  schools often see "biblical worldview integration" as a goal, but it is  actually a means to a greater end. The WRAP clarifies that greater end. For more, read Dr. Overman's essay, The Lost Purpose for Learning


How is it done?

For details about how the WRAP program works, and the cost, click here.

Go to the Contact page to request a phone appointment with Dr. Overman. 

To read what participants in the WRAP have said, click here.